Financials & Reports

Investment Performance and Strategy

Goal of Portfolio:

The goal of our investment approach is to provide the highest sustainable, consistent flow of funds to maximize charitable capital and support the Foundation for MetroWest’s mission of helping underserved populations in the local community. To accomplish this, we utilize the following strategies:

  • Protect the future purchasing power of the principal of the Foundation’s endowment by reserving an appropriate portion of investment return to offset the cumulative effects of inflation.
  • Manage the spending of endowment yield over time to reduce, as far as possible, undesirable annual variations in the level of support provided by the endowment.

Through its Investment Portfolio, the Foundation for MetroWest offers charitable donors and nonprofit organizations access to institutional investment strategies and management typically available only to large investors. By working with the Foundation, donors and nonprofits can capitalize on the benefits of our professional, diversified investment approach.

Effective stewardship of philanthropic assets enables the Foundation to provide charitable planning and fund management to donors and nonprofits in the MetroWest region. We assist donors who value the flexibility and liquidity of grants and donations made today, as well as those seeking growth and income over time.

Created and managed as a long-term investment option, the FFMW portfolio is currently managed by Northern Trust Company and is overseen by the Investment Committee.

Investment Committee

All funds established at the Foundation for MetroWest are managed as provided by the Investment Policy Statement approved by the Board of Trustees. The Investment Committee oversees the process and selects and monitors investment managers

Kyle Schaffer, Chair
Managing Director
Ballentine Partners

John DeSisto
Yawkey Foundations

Laurie Krigman
Associate Professor of Finance
Babson College

Robert A. O’Neil, Jr.
Founding Principal
Birch Hill Investment Advisors

Robert D. Rands
Wellington Management, Retired

James S. Rider
Corporate Treasury Manager
MathWorks, Inc.

Erik R. Sirri
Professor of Finance
Babson College

Performance as of January 1, 2021 

Annual Return Benchmark
1 Year -0.18% 1.10%
3 Year 4.20% 4.47%
5 Year 4.6% 4.69%
Inception 5.36% 4.86%

All time periods over 1 year all annualized. Inception is June 20, 2007
The benchmark is a blend of asset class indices weighted by our target asset allocation.