25th Anniversary

celebrating 25 years of foundation for metrowest

The Foundation for MetroWest turns 25 in the year 2020. That means we have 25 years of history as a partner, educator, leader, supporter, and friend in our region.

We think that is kind of a big deal, turning 25, so we are taking a full year to celebrate this milestone, with several new initiatives.

As a part of our anniversary, we wanted to provide something that everyone could benefit from. We have launched our new initiative – Impact MetroWest, an interactive website that provides definitive information and analysis about the strengths and challenges that exist here in the MetroWest region. This website is our gift to our community, a resource that can be used by anyone: our municipalities, our nonprofit partners, leaders, community members, and businesses.

timeline of foundation for metrowest

We are also excited to announce a partnership with MathWorks—A one-time grantmaking program that will allow for larger grants up to $25,000. This is all possible because of MathWorks incredible generosity and commitment to the region, and we thank everyone at MathWorks for their support. Be sure to watch our announcement video for more information.

We are also formally commencing our 2025 Campaign, our effort to raise $25 million by the year 2025 to ensure that we can support this community with additional grantmaking dollars for the next 25 years and beyond. To date, we have raised almost $15 million towards our goal.

Our role as your Community Foundation has always been to be your partner, at times your guide, to help you with your philanthropy. (By philanthropy, we mean people giving of their time, giving of their talents, and giving of their treasure.) We also play the role of educator, to individuals, families or businesses regarding what is going on here in the region, what are the challenges that exist, and who are the amazing nonprofit organizations that are doing the good work every day.

As we celebrate the past 25 years and look to the next 25, we are excited to begin this journey together.