Professional Advisors Leadership Council

The Foundation for MetroWest’s Professional Advisor Leadership Council (PALC), powered by Worthy Circles, provides an opportunity for MetroWest professional advisors to connect with one another and the Foundation in learning ways to incorporate philanthropy in their work. Council members include professionals from a variety of disciplines; attorneys, accountants, financial planners, and insurance professionals. 

The PALC was born from the premise that by gathering passionate and dedicated  professional advisors, we can harness the power to overcome our community’s  biggest obstacles and work to maximize our opportunities while also providing mutually  beneficial networking opportunities for members. The group provides opportunities for  members to exchange charitable giving ideas, learn trends in philanthropy, establish and  grow relationships with other advisors, and learn more about the needs of our  community.  

In partnering with us, PALC members have referred clients to our work and are serving  as charitable giving resources in their respective fields. 

Click here to view the full membership list of the Professional Advisor Leadership Council or for more resources.



Benefits of joining the PALC: 

  • Listed on the Foundation for MetroWest’s website and in the Foundation’s annual report as a PALC member
  • Access to ten (10) PALC networking events and philanthropy seminars per year
  • Recognition when attending Foundation for MetroWest events throughout the year
  • Opportunity to be recognized among your peers for philanthropic contributions in the region 
  • Bi-annual PALC newsletter which includes charitable giving ideas and trends in philanthropy, as well as information regarding issues facing our communities
  • Opportunity to present content to the Foundation for MetroWest’s donors through the blog series, webinars, social media handles or other channels