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Who We Are

Sherborn has a rich agricultural history, beautiful open spaces, an outstanding educational system, and an enduring tradition of participation in civic life. Evidence of this commitment to enhancing community life is found in numerous buildings, monuments, parks, conservation lands, recreation areas, and endowment funds, all created through the generosity of Sherborn individuals and families.

The Sherborn Fund was established in 1994 in anticipation of the town’s 325th-anniversary celebration and is a permanent endowment to support activities and projects that contribute to the quality of life in Sherborn. It is an endowed fund managed by the Foundation for MetroWest.

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Board of Directors

George Fiske

Steve Solomon

Peter Doyle

Sara Wragge

Supported Projects

The Sherborn Fund has undertaken small projects and, in partnership with other town organizations and groups, contributed to larger ones including:

  • Sherborn Grange Fairs in 1999, 2002, 2011, 2018
  • Long-Range Land Use Plan for Barber Reservation
  • Restoration of the Barber Reservation Barn on Western Avenue
  • Renovation of the Children’s Playground at the Ward J. Parks Reservation
  • Cornerstone Forums
  • Restoration of the Reverend Edmund Dowse Plaque
  • Restoration of the Memory Statue in the Central Cemetery, at the 16/27 Intersection
  • Repair of the Handicap Ramp at the Sherborn1858 Town House/Community Center
  • New Signage and Repairs at the David Doering Nature Trail at the Pine Hill School